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About Us


We Aim to be Different

For Eyes Only was founded in 2000 at the time when spectacles were uncomfortable, unflattering and uninspiring. The vision was that glasses could become an item of fashion, style. We at For Eyes Only aim to appeal to the fashion forward, hipster crowd by bringing back life to the optical stores of yesteryear with special attention paid to the design and vibe of the store.

Over the years For Eyes Only has attained the reputation for supplying funky, chic eyewear from the fashion capitals of the world.

For Eyes Only chooses to be exclusive, avoiding extensive advertising campaigns, common brand names and everyday styles. Solely for those who seek the finest quality, and dare to wear them, For Eyes Only will remain to carry styles that are highly sought after.

Choosing glasses at For Eyes Only is a relaxing and true experience.


We Test Eyes and Bulk-Bill for all eligible Medicare card holders

At For Eyes Only Optometrist we believe that your eyes are your most precious sense, and for this reason, it is essential that they receive the highest standard of care.

Our practice is fully equipped with the latest machinery including a computerised prescription testing, digital retinal photography and OCT retinal scanning.

All eye examinations are bulk-billed for all eligible Medicare cardholders and services.


We Take Meticulous Care in Choosing & Fitting Lenses

The Quality of lenses, are as, or if not more important than the quality of the frame you put them in. For Eyes Only uses the finest lens designs and materials from the worlds leading lens manufacturers.

To achieve the best possible lens design for you, a 3-D photo is taken with your glasses and all the required measurements are taken to create the perfect lens for you.


We Care How They Look

Glasses are an important accessory. Unlike other accessories, they sit on your face were everyone can see them. Express yourself, have a wardrobe of glasses in the same way as you have wardrobe of hats, shoes, handbags or ties. Every time you change your glasses, you change your whole look.

We take great care in choosing the right look for each person that we guarantee our selection.

"If you are not entirely satisfied with the selection of your frame, not only will we replace it at no charge to you, we will also pay for you and a partner to go out to dinner"


We Fit and Stock Contact Lenses

Whether you are creating a new look, or after more freedom contact lenses are becoming a popular alternative to glasses. With all of the advances in technology, more people than ever before are able to wear contact lenses.

At For Eyes Only, we stock an extensive range of Dailies, Fortnightly and Monthly disposable contact lenses.