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The quality of lenses, are as, or if not more important than the quality of the frame you put them in. There is a solution for every correction.

Rodenstock and Hoya Lens Australia are two of the leading lens manufacturers in the world.The Rodenstock brand stands for technologically demanding products of exceptional quality. Rodenstock are constantly asking: how can we make wearing spectacles even more pleasant, lighter, simpler and more comfortable? This attitude gives rise to innovative product solutions - which meet demands for the highest precision.

Hoya Vision Care focuses on developing and manufacturing the finest quality ophthalmic lenses and the most advanced coating techniques and lens designs available to correct ophthalmic imperfections.

For Eyes Only uses the finest Lens Designs and Materials from the two leading lens manufacturers, Rodenstock and Hoya.

Premium Coatings

The quality of a lens material can only be proven in combination with its treatments.Rodenstock's anti-reflection coating is a treatment applied to lenses to eliminate surface reflections, therefore enhancing the appearance of your lenses. The anti-reflection layer also allows more light to pass through the lens, ensuring an improved quality of vision. Optimum performance of lenses only occurs when the coatings are perfectly integrated with the lens itself.

To make sure that you enjoy this premium quality for a long time, there is now the new high-tech finish called Solitaire® Protect Plus 2 with X-tra Clean finish from Rodenstock. 

This provides:

• Optimal dirt-, water- and dust-repellent properties
• Easy cleaning with no streaks and residue
• Long-lasting clean and crystal-clear vision

Premium Materials

Hoya's lens materials are aesthetically attractive, comfortable to wear and are manufactured using the most advanced production methods.

Hoya's has developed a range of high index plastic lens materials that offer individual advantages and benefits to each wearer. These include:

 1.6 Eyas Material: The Eyas design and surface treatment creates unmatched optical lens perfection, thus improving visual acuity stronger, lighter and thinner than normal plastic lenses and high heat resistant, highly recommended for rimless and all reverse fit frames.

1.7 Eyry Material: Hoya's thinnest lens material for unsurpassed performance, eyry material is 46% thinner and lighter than normal plastic lenses.

Impressions Mono: The first individual single vision lens. For those who want to see better with their glasses, Rodenstock developed the first single vision lens on the market. Impression Mono® offer more, not only aesthetic, but optimum vision regardless of your prescription. Individual adaptation to your needs guarantees clear vision up to the edge of the lens. 

Premium Progressives

Rodenstock's DNEye scannner.

Rodenstock has developed the world's most sophisticated eye-scanning technology with the DNEye scanner. This innovative technology delivers incredible precision as it measures your unique eye profile, in bright light, in poor light, in direct vision and in peripheral vision to determine the biometrics of the whole eye. Over 7000 data points are then integrated directly into each of your new lenses.

The result: 

  • Sharper than ever distance vision
  • widest field of view for intermediate and close vision
  • Improved night vision.
  • At close range - fine detail has never bean clearer.