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Serengeti is the world’s finest driving sunglasses. Utilising patented lens technology engineered into the glass, Serengeti eyewear delivers an exceptional level of comfort and clarity. Serengeti eyewear is know for its sophistication, understated beauty that never goes out of style.

The lenses are photochromatic (light adjusting technology), Spectral control (provides unparalled hi-def contrast and superior colour enhancement) and Polarised (Glare reduction technology).

With all this combined, Serengeti lenses eliminate the eyestrain and fatigue that can occur in a variety of conditions.


Photochromic-Light adjusting technology

With Photochromic technology, the sunglasses lenses change as quickly as the scenery. When you are on the road, the light can be unpredictable. So your eyes demand a level of attention and care that only Serengeti Photochromic technology can provide. The molecules inside the lenses adjust, causing them to lighten and darken automatically. You'll notice your eyes never feel strained or tiered because the lenses are doing a lot of the work for them. 

Spectral Control - High definifition technology
Everything you want to see. And nothing you don't. Spectral Control provides unparalleled hi-def contrast and superior colour enhancement by filtering specific colours from the visible light spectrum. This, in turn, results in crisper colour and clearer images. These lenses also block the distracting blue light that causes blurring, which in turn can cause eyestrain and eye fatigue.
Polarization-Glare reduction technology
Sometimes the best way to rest your eyes is to go for a nice, long drive. Light can bounce and reflect off a myriad os surfaces, such as water, snow and the road. But Serengeti polarising technology removes the glare and the stress it causes on your eyes.